Monday, July 17, 2006

The strange history of the religious left blog

It was about a year ago that something aggravating happened to all of the blogs I had hosted at Blogspot. I was able to get them all restored, except that the url I'd been using for The Religious Left had been grabbed by someone who wanted to "expose" the lies and hypocrisy of the religious left or some such. He (I think it was a "he") did all of one post, and his "credentials", as I recall, were that he had attended a "gay-friendly" Episcopal church for a number of years. The blogger did not allow comments, but put out a call for contributors.

Apparently, there were no takers, and, like a little kid who stole someone else's toy, not because he or she really wanted it, but just for "something to do", the guy lost interest and closed the blog. Yet, the person at Blogger who responded to me explained that I couldn't have the url back, because it was now registered to another user, even though said user apparently had no use for it. So my recovered posts were moved to

While I was still waiting for a response from Blogger (and while the imposter Religious Left blog was still online), I had already set up my own alternate url--in addition to contacting all of the people who thought they were linking to *my* blog. Given the situation at the time, seemed like a good choice, but now it seems kind of odd.

Today I tried again, but the religiousleft name at blogger is still taken, even though you still get an error message if you go to that url. Recently I've been trying out Wordpress, which has a function allowing you to import posts from another blog. Here is a link to The Religious Left at Wordpress. It doesn't have a blogroll, or any visual appeal at all at the moment, but it does have all of the posts from both incarnations of my blog. The posts from the original blog (October 2005 and earlier) have long numbers instead of titles. I don't know if I'll eventually want to migrate over to Wordpress, but at the moment, that blog seems to have "fixer-upper" written all over it.

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