Saturday, July 01, 2006

From Father Jake: "Broken"

Here's the latest from Father Jake Stops the World.

Tonight I've reviewed the last ten days here at Jake's place. To be honest, I don't feel very good about some of it.

I know there are good reasons to be upset. I know we need to stand up and push back.

But I also know something else;

We're broken, and we can't fix ourselves.

More specifically, I'm broken, and I can't fix myself.

And out of that brokeness, I've sometimes responded in emotive, and even manipulative ways, and have said some things that were better left unsaid. And, by so doing, I've encouraged others to speak in the same manner.

We can't continue this way. We just can't. At least I know I can't. The world is watching our conversation. This is not the way to be a witness to the healing power of the living God.

I ask that we all take a couple of days to pray and reflect on where God is leading us. Because, in the end, it is only God that can heal our brokeness. That is where we find our hope.


Amen. My underlying goal or calling has been to, whenever possible, do and say things toward "healing the world". I'm the first to admit that I fall short sometimes. One way I try to do that less often is by not reading things that are likely to feed my "bad wolf". I try to keep reminding myself of the sentiments expressed in this post.

So, when I look at my sitemeter and notice that a huge percentage of the links are coming from a site that I know to be "unfriendly" toward much that I hold dear, I resist the temptation to check it out and find out what is being said. Because I know my own weaknesses well enough to know that reading that would just get me focused on the negative, and divert me from my goals. Which I *try* to keep aligned with Christ's goals.

Maybe I need to read Bishop Gene's sermon again--especially the part about "loving them anyway".

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