Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush's first veto

I received this from the Christian Alliance for Progress today:

President Bush followed through with his threat to veto the stem cell bill that Congress sent to him on Tuesday. In the first such veto of his career as an executive at any level of government, his use of that authority will result in the early deaths and unnecessary suffering of millions of Americans. It is one of the most stunning, irrational decisions of an administration with a reputation for such and the most telling piece of evidence yet that America is under the sway of theocrats whose obsession for ideological purity outweighs their concern for America's, and the world's, sick and dying.

The most illogical aspect of this debate is that the embryos which were to be used had the legislation passed will be thrown away! The twisted moral framework that would allow the embryos to be discarded rather than used to heal and save lives goes hand in glove with the pseudoscience that has become the hallmark of the Religious Right, to which this administration gives its highest loyalty.

How long will Christians in this country stand for such outrages?
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