Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Celebrating Winter Solstice with the family

There is a page describing family-oriented Winter Solstice celebrations at Circle Sanctuary here. I will post the general overview, but if you visit the Circle Sanctuary web site you will find a lot more of the "nuts and bolts" details about creating your own Winter Solstice ritual:

- Focus of Celebration: consider first your purpose(s) for the celebration, such as: Strengthen family bonding with each other
- Expand upon existing patterns of family celebrations
- Attune family to Nature's cycles
- Attune family to its membership in the community of all life on planet Earth
- Connect with ancestors
- Celebrate ethnic/cultural heritage(s)
- Educate about ancient and contemporary folkways
- Extend the celebration of Christmas, be an alternative, or expand upon it
- Deepen understanding about spiritual renewal and love
- Have fun

Even though I am Episcopalian, I really like the idea of having a ritual to mark the Winter Solstice. Bummer that I have to spend the day running and don't have the time to do something "intentional" for the Solstice. But I remain aware of it, and I thank Diana and SallyCat for sharing their thoughts on the holiday.