Saturday, December 17, 2005

Adorable puppy, multiethnic children wage war on Christmas

By now, just about everyone must know that there is apparently War on Christmas this year. I was  feeling fairly confident that I, myself, was not engaged in such a war. Because frankly, I'm just not that brave. I'm more the type to hold really still and avoid eye contact with Christmas, in the hopes of getting through the colorful, boisterous season of sensory overload in one piece. I'm certainly far too intimidated to actually "wage war" on it. Or so I thought. Imagine my shock when I discovered that just using the words "Happy Holidays" makes on part of the war on Christmas. As it turns out, Demetrius and I have been waging war on Christmas for a couple years now, and we've even enlisted the deviously cute assistance of a collection of multi-ethnic cartoon children, and an adorable, large-headed cartoon puppy. Oh, the humanity! Anyway, I suppose I should confess the extent of our guilt...

First of all, we've got this web site for kids called Letter Lane--we created it a few years ago when our oldest was deeply into the alphabet. On the front page of the site, you can see the first hint of the anti-Christmas assault in the words "H is for Holidays". But it gets worse. Go ahead, click on the word Holidays, and you are greeted with this bold, full color proclamation that Christmas is only one of the December holidays.

And if you do visit this page, you know, just to find out how bad it is so that you can report back to the jolly Fox News elf and help him save Christmas, you'll see that we don't just do the usual nod to Chanukah and Kwanzaa, but even Solstice for cryin' out loud. I know, you're getting "the vapors" about now, aren't you? But alas, I'm not through confessing, yet. Over at Puplinks: All About Dogs, if you click on Winter and Holiday Pet Safety, you are greeted with this abomination.

Happy Howlidays? That's not even a word! So I totally couldn't blame you all if you felt compelled to report the part we have played in the War on Christmas. You should especially report to people who have dogs (or are considering getting one) and to people who have young children. You know, all in the name of saving Christmas. ;-)