Wednesday, October 11, 2006

There's more

There is more to write up from Sunday's event, but I'm just not getting a sense of there being much interest. I'll probably write more eventually, because I'm compulsive that way. But now I probably need to donate more of my attention to ways to bring in some income, so that I can help "put food on my family".

Quick note--there's a campaign to raise the minimum wage in Ohio. It seems to enjoy popluar support, and my husband made a couple bumper stickers in support of that amendment, by request.

So, in the face of the popular support for this amendment, opponents have decided to take the "personal privacy" angle and try to scare people into voting against it. Nice. Their claims are debunked here by the way.

So, when my husband *finally* gets a real offer of animation work (which has been really sparse this season)--something for *television*, no less, guess who it's for?

Naturally, the opposition to Issue 2.

Damn. We *really* need the money. But how many people would we be "throwing under the bus" if he took that project? And, as much of our time and energy as we have been devoting to working to make the world a better place, even for "the least of these" would be undone? Well anyway, he did say no to the project.

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