Saturday, February 25, 2006

Son in Ohio and I were looking at the Flying Spaghetti Monster web site, after a discussion of the separation of church and state, prompted by my attempt to explain why we *really* don't want to see Ken Blackwell become governor. Anyway, I was reminding him that the FSM site, which he appreciates for the sheer absurdity, was created in response to the push to teach intelligent design in science classes. From there we found this fun walk-through tour of a Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster made out of Legos. (Don't miss the Shrine of the Lost Meatball on page 2.)

This reminded me of the Ship of Fools web site and its amusing Gadgets for God page. I haven't looked there for a while, so I thought I'd check out what's new. Would you believe Ten Plagues Finger Puppets?!

I'm speechless.

Here's the writeup from Ship of Fools:

Ten Plagues Finger Puppets
"This little boil went to market. This little locust stayed at home. And this little plague sneaks into bedrooms in the middle of the night and mercilessly smites children of your age – on purely racial grounds. Goodnight, darling. Sweet dreams."

For just $16.95 you can scare the shibboleth out of your first-born with this inspiring set of finger puppets. All 10 plagues sent to Pharoah’s Egypt are here, including flies, thunder, hail, gnats, darkness. As the sales blurb puts it: "There is NO DOUBT about it. KIDS LOVE the story of the 10 Plagues... Here is just the right thing to keep your children interested in the Haggadah... and GUARANTEE they don't fall asleep..."

For anyone not familiar with the Ship of Fools site, they don't actually sell this stuff, but find it and tell you about it. I followed the link to and couldn't find the product, but a Google search revealed that, yup, there is such a thing.