Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sabbath time at My Left Wing

Crossposted at Sacred Space: Reflections from the religious left

I promised my daughter I'd take her to a dog wash fundraiser that is being run by a local animal welfare organization. She wanted to volunteer at one of the local rescues/shelters and was bummed to find out that she needs to be at least 12 to do that. I promised that the next time there was a dog wash, I'd take her so that she could help out, since I knew from past experience that there was no age cutoff for that.

Before I go, I wanted to mention a new feature it's simple IF you ignore the complexity has started at My Left Wing...

Sabbath Time
As promised - this will become a weekly feature. It is a place to relax - share a happy story or memory. Share a fear or concern that the good thoughts, energy, encouragement, and prayers of the community might assist you with.

This is a place of Sabbath.

A place of rest, renewal, of delight.

It’s a place of “reasons for living.” - a "cool place."

Take a deep breath, hear music that is restful to you, put on some tea or cocoa, pull up a comfortable chair and enjoy the company of friends.

It is good that we are together this Sabbath time , I’m glad you’re here – what do you have to share today?

Very neat idea, I think.